Everything You Need To Know About Wearing Dentures

Everything You Need To Know About Wearing Dentures

The Worst Candy For Your Teeth (And How Sugar Addicts Can Find Their Sweet Spot)

Noah Harrison

Throughout your life, it's likely that you've heard from parents, teachers, and dentists alike one common warning: watch the sugar you consume, because it can not only make you unhealthy and gain weight if eaten in abundance-- it can also cause tooth decay. While this is a pretty well-known fact that has been repeated throughout the years, many do not release that not all sugared candy is the same. For someone with a sweet tooth, perhaps the most important question becomes: is there any way to consume sweets and still keep a white smile? If you love to devour sweets, you'll find all of the following very interesting:

The Worst of the Worst

While all forms of sugar can negatively impact your oral health (especially if you forget or ignore daily brushing), there are certain kinds of candies that are especially worse than others. The list of top three worst sugary candies to consume are:

  • Sticky candies like caramel and taffy are a nightmare for your teeth. Since they are malleable and not rigid, they can (and will) get between all the surfaces of your teeth, covering not just a small portion with sugar but the entire tooth. Because of their sticky nature, they often spend a long time attached to your teeth-- causing longer periods where sugar eats away at your enamel.
  • Any kind of sour candy will double problems for your teeth because of a higher acid content, ensuring that your enamel is getting eaten away at a higher rate than simple sugar.
  • Types of candy that take longer to eat (such as lollipops) provide more of a chance for sugar and bacteria to eat through your teeth's natural defenses.

Solutions for Sweet Eaters

For those who love eating all kinds of sweet treats, it can be extremely hard to say goodbye to your metaphorical sweet tooth and only consume healthy foods or drinks. Thankfully, inventors, scientists, and candy lovers across the globe have begun to find ways of satisfying the sweet tooth without damaging your actual teeth. By reaching for a piece of sugar free gum, for example, you can experience all of the flavor of your favorite minty treat without any of the sugar. Additionally, inventive individuals have begun finding ways to make eating candy not only possible, but actually beneficial to your oral health. The options are out there, so make the right choices that will save you time and money (from avoiding a costly tooth decay repair) later! Contact Family Dentist Gardner Dental Group for more information.


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