Everything You Need To Know About Wearing Dentures

Everything You Need To Know About Wearing Dentures

Why Is Xylitol Good For Your Teeth?

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Has your dentist recommended that you chew gum sweetened with xylitol to help prevent tooth decay? It's not an uncommon thing for some dentists to suggest, especially for people who sometimes have a hard time remembering to brush and floss twice daily. It is also a good way for children to keep on top of their oral health without feeling like they are being forced to do something. You will have less resistance if you ask a child to chew some gum than if you are always nagging them to remember to brush their teeth. So what is it about xylitol that is so beneficial to your oral health?

Xylitol Keeps Bacteria In Your Mouth from Sticking to Your Teeth

The biggest benefit of xylitol is that it keeps bacteria in your mouth from sticking to your teeth. Bacteria of all different kinds are naturally present in human mouths at all times. Many of these bacteria are beneficial to a person's health.

However, some of the bacteria is undesirable and can lead to tooth decay if it is allowed to stay on the teeth. Depending on the type of bacteria, it can build up to form plaque on the teeth, or just start to eat into the tooth enamel directly.

Xylitol forms a protective barrier between your teeth and the bad type of mouth bacteria. Chewing gum sweetened with xylitol right after eating will keep your teeth protected from the bad effects of any sugary foods you may have eaten, or from food that got stuck between your teeth. This makes it a very effective substitute for brushing between meals (which very few people have time to do).

It Helps Harden Enamel

Xylitol makes the pH balance in the mouth more alkaline. An acidic environment breaks down tooth enamel. When your mouth has a more alkaline environment, your enamel is protected, and damaged enamel is given a chance to harden again.

The key to the pH balance is the saliva in your mouth. Xylitol stimulates saliva production. When the saliva enters the alkaline environment created by the xylitol, it bathes the teeth in a healing liquid that can actually re-mineralize them and reduce the need for fillings.


Xylitol is an all-natural substance that is naturally sweet. There are no chemicals in it, so you can feel good about using xylitol gum to help protect your teeth. Not only are dentists in all parts of the world recommending it, you can also find xylitol-based toothpaste on the market as well. Give your teeth the extra protection they need to stay healthy. Talk to your dentist, one like Dentistry Plus, for more information.


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